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NailYourAudition Blog

Here you will find handy articles from VoiceWorks faculty about doing your absolute BEST when you perform!

  • Everything I know about mix-belt singing I learned from…

    …Luther Vandross and my wife, Laura. Okay, I’m half-joking. For a singer of theatre and pop, the mix-belt voice is ESSENTIAL. It’s how singers power-through the bridge of a song without their larynx (voice box) ending up outside their face. It’s the impressive voice; the money notes. You don’t impress the judges on American Idol […]

  • You wouldn’t see your mechanic for an upset stomach, would you?

    ….So, why would you go to just anyone for voice lessons? If you’re an aspiring singer, your voice is your most precious possession. It’s yours! It cannot be replaced! It’s really easy to destroy! And, once the damage has been done, it’s very expensive to fix! (If it even can be fixed, that is…) In […]